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The importance of accurate, timely, and quality translation services continues to grow in our increasingly culturally diverse communities.

It is of vast importance to clearly convey messages through accurate translation. Working in a global economy and diverse markets,  requires quality and absolute accuracy. Communicating clear marketing messages can help to grow and transform your business. 

Our highly skilled team has a clear understanding of the nature of foreign legal systems and languages.

Competency in our services is one of our core values.  

  • Marketing & Public Relations 

  • Medical

  • Educational 

  • Financial

  • Entertainment 

  • Video & Audio Transcription

  • Website 

  • Technical 

  • Legal 

  • Document

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An interpreter’s role is to be the link between the speaker and the listener. 

We offer face-to-face interpreting services as well as telephone/conference call interpreting.  The Translation & Interpreting Center can assist you with important meetings, legal proceedings, corporate events, medical appointments or educational meetings.

As our city, state and nation change, we continue to welcome new Non-English speaking communities from all over the world. These new community members will be your new clientele, and we are standing by to support you with our native speaking, culturally responsive interpreting team.

  • Marketing

  • Diplomatic Procedures

  • Conference Interpreting

  • High Quality Audio & Video Conference

  • Legal

  • Medical

  • Educational

  • Business

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Basic Word document translation services are provided using the below pricing structure. 

For services requiring graphics, special formatting and file formats other then text please contact us for a detailed quote.



24 hour 

48 hour 

72 hour or longer

300 words or more

One-page minimum





















Transcriptions are quoted to clients depending on length, clarity, number of speakers and density of material.

All cancellations placed with less than 24 hour notice will be charged a minimum of one hour, or a maximum of half of the reserved appointment time.

Discounted rates are available for nonprofits and governmental agencies.